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Craft Beer at Bourbon Street Fullerton

Craft Beers

With the rise of small-batch breweries and amazing brewers coming to the forefront of the beer scene we are proud to say we support and serve the best of the best Craft Beers on the market. The Bourbon Street Restaurant & Bar concept based on the true love and spirit of Mardi Gras and New Orleans we source Libations from that area along with Southern California craft beer. Breweries such as Abita, Green Cheek brewery, Chapman Crafted, The Bruery, Bottle Logic, Stereo Brewing, Left Coast, Bootleggers, Anaheim Brewery, Towne Park Brew Co, Phantom Ales, Taps Fish House and Brewery, Asylum Brewing, Noble Ale Works, Brewhiem Brewing Company, All-American Brew-works, Tustin Brew co, Unsung Brewing Company, Network Brewery, and Four Sons Brewing are some of the Craft Beer Brands you will see rotate through our list. 

With all these brands we make sure to have a variety of styles of craft beer such as:

American pale ale - Brought to us from Sierra Nevada and was said to be responsible for the craft beer movement in America. Featuring American hops balanced with malt to give an even profile.

American IPA - Same American Hops used in American pale ale but this style screams hop profile and really lets the aromatics shine through the beer

New England or “hazy” IPA - this style is defined but several characteristics but the biggest that it is an unfiltered American IPA and that gives it a cloudy sensation to the craft beer. The other key component is a soft pillowy mouthfeel from the body of the beer.

Stouts and Porters - while these are separate styles they fit in the same category in our heads. Both full-bodied and high ABV rooted in European style brewing or old country style. Full of flavor and usually not light on the calories for you keto diet patrons

Brown Ale - England style beer from 1900 most commonly know in America by New Castle Brewery. American craft breweries got ahold of this style and made it Hoppier and roastier than the English version have been running with it. Our favorite is Moose Drool Big Sky 

Amber or Red - more balanced than a brown ale on hops and designed for easy drinking and a solid introduction beer to new beer drinkers. Medium and dark crystal malt and hops blend nicely to make this delicious and easy-drinking craft beer.

American Wheat & Hefeweizen - Both styles derived from what and based on a German-style with a light fluffy mouthfeel. The biggest difference is the style and hops used in each but they are in the same family. Coolest is when a hefeweizen has natural hints of banana. 

Belgian Pale, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel - Belgium style is a very approachable and delicious variety of beer. When you get into the double and Tripel and up the flavor and ABV are no joke. Usually for the professional craft beer drinkers and they are based heavily on the sugar ratio to get the color and flavor. 

Saison, Farmhouse Ale - Traditionally was the beer made for the working class in the fields to keep them working through the hot day. Based on a gentle hop profile and made to be lite and refreshing with a mellow mouthfeel.

Blonde - Easy-drinking beer with ale yeast and made in cooler temperatures. Should be like having a strong lager with good fruitiness from the yeast. 

Bourbon sources from American craft brewers which are small and independent. Being a small craft brewery means they have a small production of 6 million barrels or less of beer combined (less than 3 percent of the total amount of beer consumed in America).  But we do not leave out Independent craft brew houses which they produce only 25 percent of the craft beer percentage and are privately owned and controlled by a beverage alcohol member that is not itself part of a craft brewer guild. All in all, we source damn good craft beer and are proud of our partnerships with each and every brewery we work with!